A hip-hop band and album you must hear (!Mayday!) Album: Take me to Your Leader

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A hip-hop band and album you must hear (!Mayday!) Album: Take me to Your Leader

Post  Stoned_Penguins on Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:41 pm

Hello guys! I have a quick recommendation.

Here's the hip-hop band !Mayday! (Not sure who's heard of them or not). They are signed to Tech N9ne's Strange Music. However, they are not like the rest of Strange and do not produce horrorcore/hardcore.

They are a rap-rock group that I best describe as Alternative Conscious Rap-Rock. The main producer of the group is guitarist Plex Luthor. The productions are sonically potent, the riffs awesome, and the drums are nuts. Topics range from abortion, Arab spring, governmental problems, societal issues (Obesity, materialism, narrow-mindedness). However, they are also fun and like to rap about smoking weed to alievate their stress, drinking heavily, suicidal bitches, and chasing their dreams. Wreckonize, the group's premier MC (also the most talented), has flows that are either rapid or down-tempo, chill, off-beat. He can also sing. The other MC is Bernz. Both of them are lyrically complex and like to incorporate heavy metaphors and multi-syllables into their lyrics.

Their album Take me to your Leader is one of my favorites of the year. Below are a few tracks of theirs that I consider to be their best.


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