VTable vs. RSayer

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VTable vs. RSayer

Post  {E.M. Wuz X} on Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:39 pm

This is about to get serious. Varnished Table has been a brutal peace of furniture so far, let's see if Rhyme Sayer can't expose his oak finish as being pine.

Varnished Table

About to see RhymeSayer welt, traveling on a conveyer belt/
Path of destruction, he won't go far, have his life cards dealt/
But this ain't Yu-Gi-Oh, you don't come back from the graveyard/
You may pass like Rubio, but you're still an unforgave guard/
You can't come back from this injury, I left your career scarred/
But this time I leave you without Love, and conflicts the heart/
Brake you down and intermix clout, inflammation's aroused/
Gotta take your appendix out, take painkillers that took Hendrix out/
Ended the bout, usually messes about, just mended the doubt/
Inaugural ceremony for Varnish, known for his brutal harshness/
Sayer's Polyurethane, Fake as a tight-roper without a harness/
Couldn't harness my power 'less he attained a brain of a sane/
But presently, he's about to be constrained to watching my legacy/
After he was decked, living where there's higher teen pregnancy/
Blood stained store registries, an office to receive well-fare cheqeus/
Re-capping you're biography, impaired wreck who wont get my equity/

Rhyme Sayer

Rhyme Sayer slay your table layer by layer like a saber
Split the varnish, spit a prayer and let it decay or
Belabor a player to shape your nature, something people pay for
Maybe paper, then flip you on a conveyer 
The exquisite result of a Rhyme Sayer hater
Never keep a Cap On like I keep away from Noreaga
Forty layers to a table, but you only see one
If a table can rhyme, then shit, I’m a spitting demon
Yo wood coincides with that of loose-leaf
I go Bruce Lee, you be shadow-kicked into two-piece
One piece we’ll turn to gum sheet
The other piece we’ll blow like Gunn-Pete
When I compete it’s like when Big Pun eats
Even when I’m less hungry I jump dumb beats
A spitting radio-source play me like a sport
Maybe light a torch empty-handed and then deport

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