What are your dreams?

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What are your dreams? Empty What are your dreams?

Post  IceE on Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:32 pm

Or long term aspirations/goals?

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What are your dreams? Empty Re: What are your dreams?

Post  Mic Messiah on Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:26 pm

Dreams, aspirations and goals are only interchangeable desires that lead to disappointment. As such, I have no expectations in life nor any particular desires.

What are your dreams? Original

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Mic Messiah
Mic Messiah

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What are your dreams? Empty Re: What are your dreams?

Post  No BS on Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:29 am

My dream is to get into college, to graduate college, and either potentially work for some type of hip hop magazine, graphic design firm, or photography studio. Live in an apartment in beautiful sunny LA or the DMV area where all my fam is at. Meet a nice/interesting dude and get married yadayadablah (no kids...maybe one if life just happens like that). Then just live life, meet lots of people, do different shit everyday, travel, and go to random events involving hip hop artists...Yea. I just want to leave the place I'm currently living in...God I hate it here so much, other people can't even understand my burning hatred of this place. College is my ticket out of this hell hole.

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What are your dreams? Empty Re: What are your dreams?

Post  Saphire_flames on Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:05 am

My Mr Right’s Check List:

1) He has to be able to understand my weirdness
2) He has to understand why I do stupid things
3) He never gets angry
4) He finds my weird and crazy Ideas freaking awesome and goes along with them
5) Feels pain when am feeling upset
6) Gives good advice
7) Solves all my problems
Cool Looks after me (instead of it being the other way around)
9) Has a Bruno mars smile
10) He has to let me make decisions even though he knows they’ll be crazy, but that’s why he lets me. :p
11) Still loves me when I turn mean :O
12) Needs to know how to cook
13) Has to be man enough to listen to my weird stories (yeah, there really annoying lol)
14) Lets me win in a game Wink
15) Has to love having play fights (I probably be hitting him for real lol )
16) In an argument he never argues back and just listen to me arguing (he has to have the shocked look all the way through :O)
17) He has to love cats, even if he doesn’t am most likely going to have three and make him look after them *muhahaha
18) Never thinks am wrong
19) He has to be my best friend
20) Needs to understand I do not trust people so needs to know how much my trust will mean and never dares to break it (or else he’s dead)

Yeah I know the list is long, maybe I will never find him have you realised I’m not looking for looks.
I honestly from deep inside can say I do not mind if he was blind, deaf, or can’t speak or walk, as long as he matches my list he for sure knows me well.
If I was to not find him I probably won’t marry as I can’t see my self being with someone who does not fit the list, I’m like a jigsaw only I know what will fit me well.
But I have hope, I feel his presence on the earth (somewhere), I hope he finds his way because who ever he is, is my only hope and wish…

Think basically sums him up:
The guy that when you get home from work will have made dinner because you had to work today, or brings you flowers on Wednesday just because he wanted to make the rest of the week better. He's the guy who when you wake up will be watching you sleep because you were just too beautiful to wake. This guy is a keeper keep him close and never let him go, you will be glad for him when your in labour and he looks at you all sweaty, makeup running while your cursing him and says look at her she so beautiful

Apart from that finish my second year in college and into uni woop ........

Good girls are made of Sugar and Spice, But am a Bad azz Bitch made of Fire and Ice

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What are your dreams? Empty Re: What are your dreams?

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