Can someone pass on the message !!

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Can someone pass on the message !!  Empty Can someone pass on the message !!

Post  Saphire_flames on Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:06 am

Can you tell Ed I was only joking with him damn he can't take a joke wasteman made a new Mumu thing and left me out *propa wasteman thing to do

I promised SWEET TOOTH, I was doing a surprise E-party for him as it's his birthday today "Happy Birthday", I swear I have it all planned, but I won't be doing it Today 5 in then morning I heard the door bell I go to my mum am like the doors been happening for a long time (she sleeps on the second floor I sleep in the attic), she goes down I follow, and my 15 year old brother comes in and starts crying, he's the one all into gangs so at first thought he was just messing about as he pretends when you come in the door and be's like so and so's dead so few seconds later baam he cried like I never seen before and I knew it was true My dads eldest sister past away (to cancer), just the day before yesterday we got her present for when we go Pakistan she is the only one that really cares for my dad who is the youngest her other brother here most likely isn't even going to her funeral. Crying or Very sad

Tell Both ed and Sweet tooth am sorry

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