Check if your in the Rhyme Game .....

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Check if your in the Rhyme Game .....  Empty Check if your in the Rhyme Game .....

Post  Saphire_flames on Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:20 pm

Okay this is a Rhyme Game Not a tournament (bit like a tournament but not a tournament), It only has 1 round.

I selected 16 members to Participate in the game and they are:

Mr Slow-Flow - Varnished Table
Richie - Tyler
Cray - Co_ol
Snoop Knows Best - E- Real
Rap Fan - ITAN
Rhyme Sayer - L.e.b
Escobar - Voel
IceE - Matt C

I have divided you all into two teams
Team 1 is called: Dark Knights – Team Leader is IceE
Team 2 is called: Hardcore – Team Leader is Matt C

Both teams start of with 40 points, that’s 5 points for each team member, if a member from your team backs off 5 points get deducted unless I have a replacement on hold you join your team, No one except me knows which team you in because you will be voting when two members battle each other.

Each Vote costs 5 points
Team with most points in the end will win and I will announce after all the battles have been settled which team each member was in and what scores you have.

You have rhyme about Hello Kitty or at least use the word Hello Kitty in you rhyme 

You Must give in your rhymes as soon as you can so I can host it the actually deadline for when the points will be counted is on Saturday, if you give in your rhymes today we can begin to play the game now, but if you need a day that's fine to, Just remember its for fun !!

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